Success! (And ways to contribute if you missed the Kickstarter)

Running a Kickstarter campaign is not for the faint-of-heart. Five grueling weeks of non-stop self-promotion can really take a lot out of you - even if you're a natural-born extrovert like me. But we did it! We even managed to raise $4,155 over our initial funding goal - though still $3k under our stretch goal to fully fund a Spanish-language version.

Several people have asked if it's still possible to contribute to the project, since the Kickstarter campaign is over and we still need more funds, and the answer is Yes!! We are still able to receive contributions through our non-profit fiscal sponsor, Filmmakers Collaborative, and all donations are tax-deductible in the US. ANY amount is welcome.

Another way you can help is by posting a "Worse Than Poop" selfie. We ran a contest to see how many people we could get to post selfies taken next to a mode of transportation that was either "#worsethanpoop" or "NOT #worsethanpoop". Perhaps not surprisingly, the "NOT" category was much more popular, and images are still coming in - this one from Luis Villa of Costa Rica, taken while visiting the Bay Area! (Can you tell what is 'unusual' about the photo?)

Luis Villa at the Palo Alto transit center - our most recent #worsethanpoop selfie!

Luis Villa at the Palo Alto transit center - our most recent #worsethanpoop selfie!

To post your own selfie, just take a photo of yourself next to a clean, or dirty, mode of transportation, and a sign that says either "#worsethanpoop" or "NOT #worsethanpoop". Then post the photo on Facebook or Twitter with a hashtag (that's important!), like this: #worsethanpoop. Or, just email your photo to me at worsethanpoop -at-