Professor Elliot Investigates Carbon-Free Transportation, Episode 3: Joe and the Amazing Electric Sparrows

Elliot Investigates Carbon-Free Transportation, Episode 2: An (Electric) Bicycle Built for Three

Part One of our series on carbon-Free transportation options - Elliot interviews EV expert Maddi Hausmann about her Nissan Leaf.

This is a short promo I shot with Elliot in our neighborhood, while borrowing a friend's camera.

This was a short teaser I shot of Elliot (on my iPhone!) to give people a sense of his role in Worse Than Poop!. This is the English version.

Spanish-language version of short promo for ¡Peor Que Caca!

Elliot shows off his Spanish in this promo for ¡Peor Que Caca!

After attending a protest outside a Palo Alto Fundraiser for the President, Elliot noticed that Mr. Obama's motorcade was full of pooping cars. This was his response.