Kickstarter Shoot!

After months of planning, we shot our Kickstarter video today. Elliot was truly amazing, surpassing everyone's expectations. (Vicente Franco, our Academy Award-nominated DP, declared "the kid's got talent"!) And I got my first real dose of being in front of the camera, instead of behind it. (To be honest, I think acting is easier.)

Unfortunately I was not only an actor (and blogger and writer and producer and director), but also the film's editor (and assistant editor)... And Vicente's camera is so new and so fancy that my little old MacBook can't read the video files he created. So with Nik and Elliot happily enjoying some well-earned sleep, I'm borrowing a friend's computer and hoping to be able to transfer the files into a format I can edit (or even just see!) before Vicente has to wipe the camera card. Ah, technology...