What About Pooping Airplanes?

Elliot and I have talked about whether or not to include "pooping airplanes" in Worse Than Poop! - and the idea of all that CO2 poop free-falling from 30k feet does conjure some potential hilarity.


But right now, there isn't much in the way of an alternative for long-distance travel (how many times has Elliot asked me if they've developed an electric airplane yet?). For those of us here in North America without decent rail service, our only choices are either to offset all that carbon, or simply to not fly.

So for anyone grappling with this dilemma, Mother Jones just published an article on a great new study that helps you determine the least-pooping airline for your particular route. Not exactly a long-term solution - but hey, the less poop, the better.


pooping elephant.jpg