If you're worried about climate change, if you're into Electric Vehicles, if you're into bicycles, if you're into mass transit, if you're a parent or a grandparent, if you're into teaching kids science, and most of all if you think the idea of a pooping car is funny... then you're gonna love Worse Than Poop!

The 'pooping cars' movie is a 3-5 minute animated kids' video on the science behind climate change, the role that cars play in CO2 pollution, and our poop-free future. We'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign this fall, and if all goes well, we hope to have the film finished before the end of the 2013-14 school year.

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Did you know that burning a gallon of gas produces 19 pounds of carbon dioxide? And that’s bad - because carbon dioxide is heating up our planet. Which is really bad. So if you think about it, CO2 is actually worse than poop!