Here are two ways YOU can make a difference.

Pledge to Cut Your Poop: Tell the world that you will cut your CO2 emissions in half - from all forms of travel - within the next year. Walk, bike, take the train, ride your skateboard, carpool, ride the bus, fly less, drive a more efficient car... we don't care how you do it. Just do it. Trust us: you'll feel better for it.

Take the Poopie Pledge: Help us finish this film! Studies show that Kickstarter campaigns with a lot of support in the first few days tend to make their goals. So promise us you'll have our backs when we start our campaign - it will make our day. (Any donation amount is fine -  you can tell us now, or just figure it out how when the time comes.)


Pledge to Cut the Poop

I pledge to reduce my carbon dioxide emissions from travel by 50% within the next year.

Poop calculator for kids:  

Poop calculator for grown-ups: 

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The Poopie Pledge



I pledge to support the Worse Than Poop Kickstarter campaign in its first few days.*

* Minimum pledge is $5. Campaign will launch mid-January, 2014.  

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